Performance Monitoring
& Management

GLS Visibility Service

SteelCentral Cloud is a robust network performance monitoring service delivered for evolving client IT organizations that understand application deliver is the key to business performance. Application delivery requires innovative toolsets to gain visibility into the performance of that application as it traverses the Wide Area Network (WAN).

In today’s market, the minimal standard is the enablement of Netflow on key network infrastructure to provide this visibility. However, the capital investment required to gain access to true Netflow collection engines capable of providing enriched and intelligent data is more often than not a significant barrier to entry for organizations. The Cloud SteelCentral offer, as with most cloud offers, is a consumption based model providing organizations that are capital budget constrained or would simply rather use the capabilities of an industry leading system rather than own it the ability to enter the market and take advantage of key network and application delivery performance visibility.

The key benefits include:

  • Diagnose and monitor application performance over your network
  • Gain the benefit of a designated, certified SteelCentral Analyst who will inspect, analyze, correlate and create a monthly performance report and review
  • Easily distinguish business-critical applications with deep packet inspection
  • Leverage your existing SteelHead footprint, if applicable, for increased application and QoS visibility
  • Automate discovery and dependency mapping
  • Gain a complete picture of performance by combining flow data and packet data into a single logical record
  • Automate detection of performance and security anomalies

Visibility Into:

These tools and services help IT organizations better understand application and network performance by delivering real time performance notifications, allowing teams to quickly isolate bottlenecks, and provide intelligence to planning.

Benefits of GLS Visibility Service:

  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Focused expertise for managing complex tools.
  • Certified Performance Analyst to offset cumbersome report analysis
  • Centralized outsourced platform management.
  • Minimal up-front costs or investment.
  • Fast on-boarding.