Security & Continuous Compliance

USM is a comprehensive next generation approach to security.

Our solution, USM, unifies the key parts of security no organization should go without. USM is designed to assess risk, create awareness, and inspect the effectiveness of existing controls for identification and react to a problem.

  1. Asset Management - Discover, Document, Classify, Audit - How do you secure something you don't know exists?
  2. Vulnerability Management - Regimented scanning practices focused on the criticality of the asset and its risk exposure, drive continuous compliance.
  3. Threat Intelligence - Automated threat intelligence updates from enables USM customers to identify key IOEs (Indicators of Exploit) and IOCs (Indicators of Compromise) such as:
    • Command and control activity (C&C traffic)
    • Suspicious system activity, which could connote system compromise
    • Unauthorized access attempts by authorized user accounts
    • Escalation of privilege for specific user accounts
    • Abnormal network flows and protocol usage
    • Malware infections (botnets, Trojans, rootkits, and more)
  4. SIEM - Security Incident and Event Management - Protects and analyzes security Normalizes Massive Volumes of Information Log Management, Event Correlation, Reporting and Alarming, Incident Response.
  5. Behavioral Monitoring - Learns what "normal" system and network activity is. Netflow Analysis, Service Availability Monitoring, Full Packet Capture Capabilities.

Regulatory Compliance standards are getting increasingly harder to meet. Due to the growth of new laws, regulations, and industry guidelines businesses are in desperate need of a successful IT Security Team. An army of variables working together are necessary in protecting your network. Most businesses cannot afford all of these key components, leaving them vulnerable to malicious attacks.

It is essential for these organizations to turn to a more consolidated approach in order to successfully protect assets, cut costs, and ensure they comply with the relevant regulations.

USM Allows you to leverage existing investment in security assets. Continuous compliance and security surveillance to reduce risk.